Ka Bee Café - Seafood Noodles

Oh well, for the sake of fresh content, I am posting this. Ka Bee Cafe in George Town, Penang. This Cafe is right in front of Chew Jetty, Weld Quay. 

They serve fresh seafood with the choices of Tom Yum or clear soup base with a variety of noodles choices like bee hoon, mee sua, tau chiam, instant noodles or you can pair with porridge. You can order single serving or claypot style depending on how many people you are dining with.

We like to order the crabs as they are fresher and bigger compared to what we can get elsewhere. The seafood you can get from Ka Bee is not of typical quality compared to a normal seafood restaurant.

We recommend to add on fried fish nuggets or fried mantis prawn. 

This is a must try if you're ever in George Town, Penang.


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