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Crumpler – 7 Million Dollar Home and The Industry Disgrace

My 2011 birthday present, 7 Million Dollar Home. A Camera Bag and The Industry Disgrace. Thank you so much for the wonderful present.

九皇爺 Nine Emperor Gods Festival 2011

This is the finale of the festival. After devoting to be vegetarian for 9 days, a procession is held over the streets of George Town towards Penang Jetty to send off the Kew Ong Tai Tay. At the temple, much is done by devotees as the rituals for send of the 9 Emperor Gods. Trancing of the 三太子 or Na-zha deity is very popular and with plenty of joss sticks and fire challenge. This is an annual event taking place in George Town on the 9th month of the Lunar Calendar.

Coffee Atelier - Cafe 55

Cafe 55 at Georgetown, Penang. They serve good coffee. Using my Android phone with effects from Little Photo app. 47 to 55, Stewart Lane in Georgetown, Penang.