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Pulau Aman June 2011

 Pulau Aman. The hidden treasure of Penang's Mee Udang. If you're interested to go, drive from Penang to Bukit Tambun along the North-South Expressway. Exit at Bukit Tambun and drive towards Batu Kawan Stadium. You should be able to see the road sign to Pulau Aman Jetty. The ferry ride costs RM6 per person two-way. Don't go too late, the ferry service stops at around 8pm.

Wonton Noodles - Chulia Street, Penang


Vogue for Virtue Charity Fashion Show 2011

I was invited to this spectacular event, Vogue for Virtue Charity Fashion Show 2011 at Queensbay Mall, Penang. This is my first celebrity models shoot. I am glad to be there. Amber Chia, Elaine Daly, Carmen Soo, Peter Davis and Hansen Lee, you rock! Thank you for such a great night.