Ka Bee Cafe - Seafood Noodles

Oh well, for the sake of fresh content, I am posting this. Ka Bee Cafe in George Town, Penang. This Cafe is right in front of Chew Jetty, Weld Quay.  They serve fresh seafood with the choices of Tom Yum or clear soup base with a variety of noodles choices like bee hoon, mee sua, tau chiam, instant noodles or you can pair with porridge. You can order single serving or claypot style depending on how many people you are dining with. We like to order the crabs as they are fresher and bigger compared to what we can get elsewhere. The seafood you can get from Ka Bee is not of typical quality compared to a normal seafood restaurant. We recommend to add on fried fish nuggets or fried mantis prawn.  This is a must try if you're ever in George Town, Penang.

The Return

Things are moving a bit. I am trying to avoid a total reset again. All these efforts are due to me being cheapskate and I want to keep a low budget to maintain all these web presence.  Please bear with me with all the on-going changes.

BenQ Scanner 5560

BenQ Scanner 5560 is a very old scanner. If you still have it, you are a cheapo like me!  I recently got rid of my Canon MX457. I was told that model was discontinued and the same for its brothers and sisters. It had a defect on its paper feeder where the 2 black rubbers sort of melted and it could not take in fresh papers for printing.  Back to the BenQ Scanner 5560, it took me some time to get it working again. This is because I could not locate the Windows 10 driver. This flatbed scanner is so old that BenQ does not list it as its product anymore.  I had to rely on the software CD that came in the box with the scanner. That software CD is no help at all. I can turn on Windows XP compatibility mode to install it on my Windows 10. I can run the application with compatibility mode. The only thing I cannot do is installing the driver. The driver in the software CD is not compatible with Windows 10 64-bit.  After searching, installing, testing and uninstalling many rounds, I finally foun

九皇爺 Nine Emperor Gods Festival 2016

I have been too quiet here. I have finally decided that I should continue to blog with my mobile shots here rather than keeping them on Instagram only. Oh well, I have been going out and around with my Huawei P8 mostly and I need to fully utilize the beautiful camera function on the phone. This year's Nine Emperor Gods Festival in Penang is great! I have been to this temple in Macallum Street, Penang almost every year. The name of the temple is Tow Boe Keong Kew Ong Tai Tay Temple. It is very famous and had a very strong history linked to the original temple in Magazine Road, Penang. Stay tuned for more of my mobile photography posts. I sure hope to update more often. Thank you for the support!

Putrajaya, The Third Federal Territory

I still have so much to learn on Long Exposure Photography. Putrajaya is a town with lots of nicely lit buildings during the night. The town is also pretty quiet and not crowded during the Christmas holidays. It is a good place to do long exposure photography but I would not recommend if you'll be travelling there alone. I think this will be my final work on for the year 2015. It's been a great year and I am looking forward for more in the new year. Happy New Year 2016!

Selamat Hari Merdeka

We would like to wish all Malaysians, Selamat Hari Merdeka!