BenQ Scanner 5560

BenQ Scanner 5560 is a very old scanner. If you still have it, you are a cheapo like me! 

I recently got rid of my Canon MX457. I was told that model was discontinued and the same for its brothers and sisters. It had a defect on its paper feeder where the 2 black rubbers sort of melted and it could not take in fresh papers for printing. 

Back to the BenQ Scanner 5560, it took me some time to get it working again. This is because I could not locate the Windows 10 driver. This flatbed scanner is so old that BenQ does not list it as its product anymore. 

I had to rely on the software CD that came in the box with the scanner. That software CD is no help at all. I can turn on Windows XP compatibility mode to install it on my Windows 10. I can run the application with compatibility mode. The only thing I cannot do is installing the driver. The driver in the software CD is not compatible with Windows 10 64-bit. 

After searching, installing, testing and uninstalling many rounds, I finally found the driver that works! You can get it from

It's a pain in the ass but it's worth the time. I was going to dump the scanner to a recycling center but now I have a flatbed scanner!


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